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City Taxi in Bangalore - RR City Taxi.
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Though, Bangalore has many means for commuting within the city, Bangalore City Taxi is the executive's choice for airport transfer and transit within the city limit. City Taxi (which is also called Call Taxi in Bangalore ), is also the busy executive's answer to a comfortable and luxurious transportation at a moment's call. Our wide-ranging service can be customized to suit your needs.


RR CITY TAXI, Bangalore
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The best Call Taxi Service in Bangalore. Reliable and Professional Service.

» RR City Taxi is one of the most reputed companies among Bangalore City TAXI SERVICE providers.
» RR City Taxi in Bangalore acts professionally, courteously, and responsibly
» RR City Taxi employs only professionals drivers who speak English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
» RR City Taxi understands that needs of clients are more important and then try to give them the best service possible.
» RR City Taxi, Bangalore serves customers anywhere in Bangalore City at anytime
» R.R City Taxi tries to provide clean and comfortable vehicles

When you visit Bangalore, naturally you want to find out the most comfortable option for commuting within the city. This is more important, when Business Executives need to attend important meetings with out the hassle of waiting for an autorickshaw, or even a car rental service. Remember most Bangalore Car Rental Services’ charges are calculated according to the distance from their office. But you can book Car Rental Packages with RR City Taxi. In order to give you best value for money, RR City Taxi meters would start reading only from your pick up point. And for Bangalore Call Taxi pick up and drop service you pay according to the meter, without worrying about which Service provider office is nearer to you. Just give a ring to a Bangalore Call Taxi control room, and within minutes, (of course depending on the availability), a Taxi Cab is arranged to pick you up and drop at the desired destination in Bangalore City.




Special Discounts for FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS each day for Airport Pickup/Drop.

RR CITY TAXI, Bangalore
Call Now - 41000000

How does the City Taxi operate? How do you book a Taxi?

You can store a City Taxi number in your mobile phone (It is easy to remember - 41 00 00 00) and at any point of time, (day or night), you summon the City Taxi by calling this Phone number and explain the call executive, where you want the Taxi to be sent, the executive will find out if any car is available near to your location and direct a driver who is closer to you to come and pick you up.

You pay only for the usage. Hence, you ask the driver of the City Taxi to start the meter when you board the Car and when you alight at the destination point, you pay according to the meter. It is simple.

Why City Taxi is different from a Car rental service?

City Taxi is meant for commuting within the city. If you want to travel outside Bangalore City area, it is better you may visit this link Bangalore Car Rental Tariff Page to book a car rental service. Also, if you want to use the City Taxi for longer period of time and with long waiting hours, it is better you hire a City Taxi or a Car Rental service according to packages. For example you may book a car for "2 hours and 20 Km" or "3 hours and 30 Km" etc. Well, to give you best value for money, RR City Taxi meters would start reading only from your pick up point. For packages, the distance travelled is calculated from and back to the pick up point.

Well, if you just want to be picked up from Airport and dropped to another location in City, you may not book a Package. Just paying according to meter would be fine.